AWS Parameter Store vs AWS Secrets

Recently I’ve been using AWS Secrets to retrieve API keys which are needed to access external API’s, however, this turned out to be a more expensive service than we initially thought when starting.

Using password(les)s in 2023

It’s been almost a year since I’ve started using my YubiKey, even though I only recently bought a backup key (yes, you can shame me) I decided it is time to have big write up on why you should be using a hardware key with Fido2(WebAuthn) support too.

AWS Learning badge assignments

Besides the AWS Certification program, there are also the newer AWS Learning skill badges. A new-ish way of learning the skills necessary to work on the aws platform and illustrate your knowledge. These are like the certifications except they are not certifications of some kind and you can take …

Every repository should contain a DevContainer

Almost a year ago I visited an AWS User Group (Amsterdam) meetup where someone gave a presentation on using Microsoft Dev Containers in your projects. Even though I tried it before, this gave me the momentum to actually commit to it and have never looked back. And I want you to do the same.

Limiting AWS Lambda's access to Log Groups

About a year ago I asked the question on Reddit what people thought of the default Lambda role called “AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole” and why I thought it was way too open to be a default.

To this day I still think this role shouldn’t be used at all, but rather be deleted by Amazon …

Building a Serverless Kanban Board

Update 18/01/2023: Let’s assume this is not gonna happen anymore

As the title suggests I’m planning on building a Serverless Kanban Board to improve my personal Typescript skills in both the front and back end. Furthermore, the whole project will be set up while using Amazon Web Services …

TIL #1 - You can override basically anything in AWS CDK

Unique as I am I decided to start writing short blog posts about recent discoveries that suddenly clicked inside my head. For the first one; I have been working a lot with AWS CDK recently and decided that I wanted to contribute back to the AWS-CDK source code.

Temporarily working on a Windows Laptop

This has been quite the struggle, for the last 6 years, I’ve been working on a Macbook Pro/Air (m1) and right now I’m not able to do so. Due to a recent job change, I’m working on a Windows laptop until the new Macbook is in. At first, I was really curious to work on Windows again! …

Deploying your static website with a Github Action

Authenticate GitHub with OpenID Connect to deploy your CDK project to your AWS Organization

After making an AWS CDK project one of the first thing you will realize is that you don’t want to keep running cdk deploy to update your production environment. This is a fine way of working when you …

Static website distribution with AWS CloudFront

Having only written about PHP and Servers in the past I am making the switch to Serverless. This has been a long-time wish for me and finally realized this in a personal but also professional environment. That being said, I plan on writing a lot of new content on the blog purely around setting up …