Ricardo Cino

Writing about Software developent, Cloud Infrastructure and Infrastructure As Code (mostly on AWS)

Limiting AWS Lambda's access to Log Groups

About a year ago I asked the question on Reddit what people thought of the default Lambda role called “AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole” and why I thought it was way too open to be a default.

To this day I still think this role shouldn’t be used at all, but rather be deleted by Amazon …

Building a Serverless Kanban Board

Update 18/01/2023: Let’s assume this is not gonna happen anymore

As the title suggests I’m planning on building a Serverless Kanban Board to improve my personal Typescript skills in both the front and back end. Furthermore, the whole project will be set up while using Amazon Web Services …

Static website distribution with AWS CloudFront

Having only written about PHP and Servers in the past I am making the switch to Serverless. This has been a long-time wish for me and finally realized this in a personal but also professional environment. That being said, I plan on writing a lot of new content on the blog purely around setting up …