Here it goes! The first post, let's introduce myself. My name is Ricardo Cino, 25 years at the time of writing and living in the Netherlands. I've been living with the idea of this blog for a while now and decided it's finally time to make it happen.

I will mostly be writing about my experience in the tech industry, talk about certain frameworks, features, penny for thoughts, anything that pops in my mind. There is chance there are going to be posts about something else than tech as well but we'll see when that happens.

So the inspiration for really starting this blog right now came from different sources A while ago I was reading my twitter feed and noticed this tweet from Mohamed Said where he mentioned that people should blog more. And how much value it gave to him when reading about experiences from people that were real instead of fake-news ( Ok, I adde the fake-news part in there for comedy sake) stories written purely for the clickbait.

I couldn't agree more, this had me thinking more about the idea of creating my own blog where I could let my thoughts go about at least technical problems I'm solving or when I think of a subject where my knowledge could help someone else. So right after I saw a video of Dan Mace (Youtuber / Video director I'm a big fan of) I decided. This is gonna happen. So here it is, while not finished yet and still in need to fix some front-end bugs it's live. First I'll be writing this week will be about how I set this up with the Ghost publishing platform. (Self hosted of course 😉).

The video of Dan Mace I'm talking about:

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