Laravel Forge: setting it up the right way

For the last couple of years I’ve been creating servers with Laravel Forge and normally I would advise against doing this (In favor of running containers or other load balanced tasks), but for the sake of giving advise to those who do want to do it this is the first post I’ll spent time on it.

For the record, I’ll be writing from an AWS perspective since this is the only provider I have extensive experience with on Laravel Forge but I’ll expect the others to work quite the same.

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First post (again)

Ah, we are back! Once again, this will be the third try of starting and actually updating a personal blog. I’m not exactly sure what I wrote down the last time but I’m planning the same.

Alright, let me explain again. I once had the idea of putting my random thoughts about anything tech related just out there, which means the subjects of this blog can be quite diverse.

If you just stumbled across this website and you’re thinking, who is this guy? Check out the about me page where I wrote a little bit about me and will try to update if anything changes.